About Me: I'm a full-time audio engineer and I record bands in Oakland, CA. I make records almost everyday and it's still my favorite way to spend my time. I co-own and operate Secret Bathroom, a recording studio in West Oakland, where I also curate Live From Secret Bathroom, a monthly live in studio podcast, broadcasted via lower grand radio, featuring some of my favorite bands. I play bass in Marbled Eye. I've had the priveledge to make records in studios all over the country with an extremely eclectic and talented roster of musicians. I've also made records in warehouses, garages, and practice spaces. Hell, I've even made a record on a half-pipe in a squat in West Oakland a few times. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are not from Oakland, I love traveling to make records and am available to mix recordings that were tracked elsewhere. 

Please check out this page for a selected discography of records I've worked on.

Check out some interviews on Working Class Audio, in the East Bay Express, and in the Bay Bridged

Studios I Like: 

Secret Bathroom (Oakland)

Tiny Telephone (San Francisco)

New, Improved Recording (Oakland)

Sharkbite (Oakland)

Studio West (San Diego)

Thump (New York)

Kitchen Sink (Sante Fe)


News Coming Soon!


Contact: andrewoswaldrecording@gmail.com



Email: andrewoswaldrecording@gmail.com Phone: 858-366-8035 Studio: http://www.secretbathroom.com

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