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Secret Bathroom Recording Studio Memorial Page; Studio Bio: Secret Bathroom Recording Studio is a mid-sized recording studio tucked away in West Oakland, CA. The studio was created to provide a space for artists that is both comfortable and professional while reamining within the budget of independent and emerging artists. It is designed, built, owned and operated by my self and my good friend Max Senna. 

The design of the studio is centered around being able to easily and comforably track bands live. The studio features a mid-sized bright and reflective live room and a large acoustically dead isolation booth with a very clear linear low end response. Our live room is excellent for drums and percussion, providing a sound that is both large and roomy while maintaining distinction and clarity. The isolation room is excellent for intimate vocals, bass instruments, dry drums, and any other application where a lack of room ambience is required. Due to our dead room's lack of reflections, separation whilst recording multiple instruments at the same time is easily achieved. The sliding glass doors provide an excellent line of sight between the live room and iso booth. Instrument and speaker tie-lines between the live room and the iso booth are available so bands can easily track in the same room if desired. Most often we track bands live with the drums in our live room and the amplifiers in our dead room.


Many great records were made here! RIP!





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